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I figured I'd leave this here aswell as general for anyone who clicks my name.

Newgrounds is filled with sinners, I don't mean in a church sense, but in the sense that we have forgotten basic human forethought and compassion. Through the internet it is obscenly easy to lie as there is a virtual wall blocking you from the reader(s), it is so easy to say someting absolutely false here, just so people do not think less of you. Today I am writing this to tell Newgrounds, what I deem as my own acceptable behaviour on this website, as I feel we have lost individuality(Assuming we had it in the first place), and forgotten that really, who the hell cares if a bunch of people thousands of miles away from you read something, and think you are less than them. People who do this blatantly are most likely just unsure about themselves, you shouldn't need to insult people over the internet to complete your day, it simply isn't neccasary... So, without further adieu I present to you: My oath to Newgrounds.

1) I will not go out of my way to insult someone, unless they are deserving of reprimand
2) I will make jokes that only I feel are funny
3) I will not accept that I am incorrect unless I am given credible evidence, regardless of opposition
4) I will attempt to converse with members of the site that I have never heard of or met
5) I will not be embarrased to post a photo of myself, we all look different
6) I will not type "Tl;DR" when someone has worked hard on a long piece of writing
7) I will use proper grammar(Or at least paragraphing, capitalization and spelling. I'm not too good at parts of punctuation)
8) I will not disrespect an administrator of the site other than jokingly, how much of this site have 90% of the user base contributed to
9) I will stand up for rules in which I feel are unfair untill I am banned
10) I will not be afraid of being banned any less than permanently
11) I will attempt to solve a problem of a user in which has been posted
12) I will not lie about my age, popularity, wealth etc. It doesn't matter, anything could happen any time
13) I will not postwhore, post count is meaningless
14) I will know when I am defeated in an argument, and admit it
15) I will not support hate groups, spammers, hackers, or anyone attempting to compromise the wellbeing of the community
16) I will try to post at least once ever 30 in a forum other than general
17) I will not photoshop pictures with MS paint, that isn't PHOTOSHOP
18) I will admit if I am under the influence of something while typing, Consequently I am high on Concerta at the time of writing
19) I will not find loopholes in rules and attempt to exploit them, Mods are real people, who have logic
20) I will respond to any message that I recieve, Assuming it can be responded to
21) I will not jump on a bandwagon that I do not support, once again, looking cool on the internet = meaningless
22) I will be trustworthy of the members of Newgrounds, and expect their trust aswell

Although I cannot guarantee these rules will not be broken once in a blue moon, I will try my best to abide by them and be a productive member of our society. We all spend time here and interact with other people, and we all have the power to influence, use your's positively and be a decent person, there are many people (Sometimes myself) who have thought deeply about something they have read here, directed at them or not.

Say what you will about what I have written here today, but the fact remains you will not make yourself look powerful by demeaning my post and thoughts. Share your thoughts once in a while, feel free to get passionate about a post that gets to you, it can be difficuilt to be yourself in real life, so why limit your personality here? Take confidence in compliments you recieve, if you are insulted tell yourself those words have no power. Newgrounds is supposed to be an enjoyable place, in which one may socialize freely, speak your mind, and contribute to our society.

: End question: Got any rules to add to that list?


2009-12-19 05:26:39 by flamingninja777

Because no one reads these posts anyway I have made a new blog


2009-11-03 23:12:22 by flamingninja777

I've waited for almost 3 years for this, but FINALLY, I was crowned user of the day! Seriously made my freakin' night.

it's now 12:04, and I am just burning out now.

My night:

4:00; Get back on Island ready to have the time of my life, bought 2g's the day before, genuine cherry Kush.

5:00; call my friend courtney, tell her to meet me by store, bring weed.

5:40; Meet courntey, we wander off into the forest and smoke a joint each.

6:00; I get hit hard by the high, things are spinning and I can't talk straight.

6:30; We buy a bunch of chocolate and chips, and an apple(For a pipe)

6:45; go through all our snacks except the chips.

7:00; Smoke another .75 of a gram, really fucked by this point. We then wander over to the youth center.

7:15; there are a bunch of 12 year olds there, courtney follows them, I decide why not. I snag another apple from the TC

7:30; meet up with two friends at the school, several times they hinted they were having sex. We pretty much sit on a swingset for half an hour talking

8:00; Dig out the apple and smoke some more of my weed, I start seeing colours, and this deer was fucking following us.

8:15; Friends Lucy and Melissa show up, courtney is done smoking, I light up mid conversation. weed gone.

8:45; After an eternity of talking courtney decides she should go home, we hug and she leaves. I start heading home too.

9:00; I'm sitting outside my dads office in the cove looking at shit, I find this stick with a neat curve on the end, like a shepards crook, I take it home, mostly because I'm scared of people jumping me.

9:15; I arrive at home, find a chocolate bar and some kool-aid, damn it was good. I then proceed to watch trippy videos, read the BBS and listen to music for an hour.

10:00; Still high as fuck, my get a call from Caroline, she says they're all outside the public library, I find out all means her, Buzz, and Courtney. We agree to meet halfway to my house.

10:15; I sit on a bench next to everybody and explain why I have a stick I quote "You see, a staff is a neat elegant weapon. It's intimidating enough that nobody is gonna straight up jump you, but not so much like an axe in a sense that people won't think you're the murderer here.

10:45; Buzz leaves, obviously bored, we sit and chat and for no reason caroline starts calling random douchebags. I don't remember too much after this

11:30; I leave because I'm cold and hungry, caroline bitches, I have no clue if courtney was still there.

11:45; I get home, piss, and crash hard on my bed.

6:30; My brothers motherfucking alarm goes off in the next room, I get up suprised to find I'm still kinda high, and stomp the alarm then rip the cord out of the wall and throw it.

One hell of a night.

Ugh fuck it

2009-07-10 05:24:23 by flamingninja777

I don't know whats real on the bbs anymore, The admins have got to do something soon, this is out of hand...If I am actually banned, then wtf...But if not then can you guys please clean this up?

Nothing, nevermind

2009-07-10 05:12:09 by flamingninja777

But what about you?

Haha, I'm actually 14.

2009-04-03 01:27:09 by flamingninja777

Yes I know, I've lied about my age for more than 2 years now(Holy fuck its been 2 years!) Truth is when I was 11, I didn't think it would make sense for me to be here without getting flamed like fuck for my age. Now that I'm here and now, I figured it would make sense for the few people who come here every once in a while. I'm sure some people figured out I wasn't 17 a while ago. Not really gonna change, I'm still the same old 17 year old flaming ninja...But now instead of being 17 I'm a mature 14 year old.

Also, if your reading this, I'd appreciate it if you'd listen to my songs, I put a lot of work into them and make them only for the Newgrounds community.

Attention all Rice Paddy Workers

2009-04-02 00:32:59 by flamingninja777

You are defiling China with your anti oppressive needs. Please refrain from being displeased at the Most Honorable Chairman Fulp, and maybe you will realize that if YOU change your attitudes, this conformative gathering WILL once again become a source of oppressive entertainment.

Also, I typed everything you see here as it is, no corrections in it...I'm quite fluent in Communist.

EDIT: I mentally pictured it to be humorously entertaining if I were to share with you this audio

3 Months later...

2008-11-05 19:39:04 by flamingninja777

And I'm back...Hello again newgrounds...Hows things?

Yay, I proved the mods are idiots!

2008-08-15 13:23:37 by flamingninja777

So they banned me for the +1 thing, Figures. The entire point of this was to see how long it would take them to ban me, 1 day. Wow guys, way to look at things directly. Oh well, the mods just proved their shortsightedness, and by the time my little roadtrip is over, my ban will be over.

Oh right and happy clock day...

: Now get out there and save some awful submissions soldier...

Yay, I proved the mods are idiots!