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Attention all Rice Paddy Workers

2009-04-02 00:32:59 by flamingninja777

You are defiling China with your anti oppressive needs. Please refrain from being displeased at the Most Honorable Chairman Fulp, and maybe you will realize that if YOU change your attitudes, this conformative gathering WILL once again become a source of oppressive entertainment.

Also, I typed everything you see here as it is, no corrections in it...I'm quite fluent in Communist.

EDIT: I mentally pictured it to be humorously entertaining if I were to share with you this audio


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2009-04-02 00:36:51

Shitgiggles, that fuckloving shithole of aa newspost was mothafuckin' hard 2 read mothafucka!

Yes, I found quite few ways around oppression of Dictator of Proletariat, Chairman Fulp.

(Updated ) flamingninja777 responds:

Hahahaha, you are a mentally handicapped individual who believes himself to be out of the ordinary compared to that of other Rice paddy workers...Yes I do mean to say Rice Paddy workers and not hhhNew-grounderhhh


2009-04-02 00:42:05

ok flaming ninja stop acting all proper and nice this new site sucks all of our favorte videos