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2007-11-24 18:38:15 by flamingninja777

OK so guitar hero III is basicaly my life now-Other than NG- and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing it...I dont have much to say other than that except: ieCI&feature=related


2007-11-18 01:08:03 by flamingninja777

Well, today i picked up my copy of guitar hero three (the bundle version) and have yet to play it. I am staying at my aunts and her computer sucks ass-i did get it for PC by the way!-so there is no chance of the system reqs being met...I am dying of lust. Its going great here actually, i mean, all things considered that is. Oh and i have a nasty cold sore. I've been playing sc guitar maniac dx 2 for fun, but its nothing compared to the real thing (no offence shinki, i look forward to the third instalment of it), oh well i geuss i'll just wait... and now a cool screenshot!



2007-10-23 20:12:47 by flamingninja777

Well I went to a suprise party for a friend of mine named Scott. And it was hilarious. The reason we had it was because...well ever seen the movie sixteen candles? it was sort of like that. Anyway, i didn't sleep (Which affected me horribly on monday), constantly played DDR and gh2 and then...oh yeah beat the shit out of jamie several times...good times gooood times.

Oh and as for that jesus thing i made, i'm sorry but i stand by what i said...i expected more flames actually...


Well I simply cannot believe I'm using the goddamn NG blog...But I was far too lazy to actually create a blog so i'll rant about shit here...Oh right and remember folks...

Gah! this is rather stupid