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Kipp come here

2008-05-31 17:46:01 by flamingninja777

Lets argue


2008-05-12 22:55:34 by flamingninja777



Hhhhhhhhh...He's been gone for like 1 1/2 months now! No mods or admins said a THING about his disappearance. They are trying to hide something from us...And YOU THE NG COMMUNITY WILL NOT STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THIS! I cant believe you pussies would just widdle away and go on posting about cocks and lolcats and disasters in china!



2008-05-09 17:16:38 by flamingninja777

Thats right n****rs! I got gta IV...And golf equipment. Going to have a party, hooray

Edit! went golfing today, Hadnt been since age 6. It was really hard

My new sig/Crisis

2008-04-16 18:39:09 by flamingninja777

Yay! I'd just like to make a shout out to Turkeybean. Thank you so much for my sig, I'm sure it will serve me well.

As you may or may have not read, This thread that whole matter was cleared up good and tidy, We made our apologies and now the whole mess is over. Not much to say today, but i'm going to preform in a school band later this evening so wish me luck.

My new sig/Crisis

I've just been banned, for an understandable reason, I posted in a spam thread and therefore deserved the ban. I am fine with this but I need to bring something up. Why in the hell do the mods not act on the discussing illegal activities?! There are countless threads every day about doing drugs and underage sex! They say that this rule is a big one but I don't believe them one bit!

Look at it this way; "Yo man I just did a bunch of weed!" "Naw man your a liar!". PAUSE
So what if he is lying...ITS AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN THE UNITED STATES. Oh well if you live in Canada or another country were its partially legal, fact is most of the BBS users are from the states! Honestly I think mods need to shut the fuck up about the spam threads and internet memes (*Cough*Zerok, *cough*Bigbadron) and enforce this serious topic.

To sum it up, Memes and spam are annoying but stop being a baby and start being a MODERATOR!!

So, on illegal activities...

Spring break has been asbsoloutely positively amazaingaly extramatoridannorrally...TIRING! Oh my god am I freaking tired, I've stayed up till 6:00 AM for 4 fucking nights in a row... I have forced myself to make the most of this time off so sleeping is a futile effort (Now that you have both portal gun addons this next test will be very long, please feel free to blackout from thirst) I need to stay up, i'm waking up at 6:00 AM tommorow though so, i'll take tonight off.

As for everything else, I need some X-Box live. Was at my friends for 2 days and realized how fun it was...Despite the amazing amount of nine year olds, Oh god the nine year olds. with quotes such as "Zomg, I just got a tripple kill, I cant believe how well i'm doing with this gravity hammer!" and "I'm nine, we are waaay smarter than 8 year olds" and my favorite "Your a teenager?!" I respond with "Not everyone is a kid..." "Whoa really?! I thought only kids play video games!"

I'll stop now, I'm tired and can't think of anything else to fill this space with

Aww look at my cats...

Spring break is the greatest...

Yay i'm back?

2008-03-12 01:52:31 by flamingninja777

Not that anyone cares...My computer was blocking newgrounds...

Heres a hastily thought out recollection of what i did.

Celebrated(Sort of) The second annual...Celebration of my grandfathers death

Went skiing

Hated school

Not sure

Went skiing again

Got excited about SSBB

Got kinda sick

Got angry at computer

Played Rock band

Got sad about my friend having brawl

Went to cousins birthday

Posted on newgrounds...

Ok so i did a lot more than that but i CANNOT remember it.

Oh and just now got yelled at.
(Lol asplode)

Yay i'm back?


2008-01-30 02:07:44 by flamingninja777

This is possibly the greatest internet phenomenon ever created, I downloaded it an hour ago and i'm having the time of my life. I didn't need to buy all of the doses either, I found them downloadable, For everyone who uses this the link will be at the bottom of the post.

I have completed 2 doses so far and they were: Opium and Alcohol, Alcohol was fucking fantastic; I actually felt drunk, though it takes 30 minutes to finish, the end result is great. Opium wasn't anything special, it basically made me feel happy and euphoric, a feeling i am all too familiar with.

I think I am going to try the LSD dose next, get in touch with my hallucinogenic side...Heres the link


MAE/Ironic flu

2008-01-12 03:44:08 by flamingninja777

MAE stands for one thing...AND ONE THING ONLY! Mothers against EVERYTHING!. And what a true statement that is. There are two different types of mothers in this world and they are as follows:

Moms: The cool laid back woman who pushed you out without care, lets her kids go to sweet parties, Eat alot of unhealthy stuff and not sleep. You want to be related to her. (My mom is like this XD)

Mothers: The bitchy evil women who from birth made it her duty to singlehandedly make your's and the people around you life, terrible. They bitch about the slightest disruption, always (no matter how popular you are) end up phoning someone and complaining about how "You/your child is making my childs life terrible, Do something about it, bitchbitchbitch", and sometimes will go out and PROTEST to TV stations and make them do things. Pray to god you never meet this person

I have here a testimonial from a head representative (Stuck up bitch) of MAE:

Me: "So, what do you plan to do to make the world better for your child?
Bitch: "I am going to go protest at that building because it's name has a near-derogatory term on it"
Me "Wait you mean FCUK?"
Bitch "Yes! If my child (Who happens to be 15) sees that he could start swearing!
Me: "But it stands for French Commercial United Kingdom...Its a clothing line.
Bitch: "I know that! I'm also going to protest against Dickies for derogatory terms and microsoft for X-box live having people that my child doesn't know on it!"
Me: "Uhh thats a bit- I mean Representative from MAE...Thanks for the interview...?

As you can see they are ruining everything for everyone, for EVER! Here is a testimonial from a 16 year old Boy, who is the leader of AAM (Anarchist's against mothers)

Me: "So what is your purpose here
Punk: "Uhh, I'm here to like, fight the bitches and uhh, y'know like, do stuff"
Me: " I'm not sure our viewers understand (I mean me)
Punk: "We wanna like, make moms stop bitching about everything and making life suck and stuff...So like were gonna throw an awesome party and like, drink alot and not go to sleep and stuff."
Me: "Ok, I'll leave it at that. Thanks for your time!"

What i'm trying to say is mothers seriously need to let their kids have more freedom, and not suffocate them with bitchiness and protest-ocity, they need to pay attention to the kids themselves and not to the things around them.

Anyway, thats all i have left to say about that matter, and now onto Irony

I was thrashing about in my bed a few nights ago (Sex jokes aside) Thinking about the day and how I REALLY didn't want to go to school tomorrow, so I decided to fake sickness the next day.

I woke up at 5:30 AM And realized I Really felt like puking, So I ran to the bathroom, And started...I thought about the situation briefly and was sort of laughing, but that was rather hard to do at the same time as horking pie up.

After puking I got back into bed, and didn't sleep, I got up and puked...This went on for 2 days, and came to...diarrhea...Yay for ass-puking.

Anyway the moral of the story is: Be happy with your health or prepare for hell.

MAE/Ironic flu