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Shit damn I got SO high last night

2009-10-17 15:21:41 by flamingninja777

it's now 12:04, and I am just burning out now.

My night:

4:00; Get back on Island ready to have the time of my life, bought 2g's the day before, genuine cherry Kush.

5:00; call my friend courtney, tell her to meet me by store, bring weed.

5:40; Meet courntey, we wander off into the forest and smoke a joint each.

6:00; I get hit hard by the high, things are spinning and I can't talk straight.

6:30; We buy a bunch of chocolate and chips, and an apple(For a pipe)

6:45; go through all our snacks except the chips.

7:00; Smoke another .75 of a gram, really fucked by this point. We then wander over to the youth center.

7:15; there are a bunch of 12 year olds there, courtney follows them, I decide why not. I snag another apple from the TC

7:30; meet up with two friends at the school, several times they hinted they were having sex. We pretty much sit on a swingset for half an hour talking

8:00; Dig out the apple and smoke some more of my weed, I start seeing colours, and this deer was fucking following us.

8:15; Friends Lucy and Melissa show up, courtney is done smoking, I light up mid conversation. weed gone.

8:45; After an eternity of talking courtney decides she should go home, we hug and she leaves. I start heading home too.

9:00; I'm sitting outside my dads office in the cove looking at shit, I find this stick with a neat curve on the end, like a shepards crook, I take it home, mostly because I'm scared of people jumping me.

9:15; I arrive at home, find a chocolate bar and some kool-aid, damn it was good. I then proceed to watch trippy videos, read the BBS and listen to music for an hour.

10:00; Still high as fuck, my get a call from Caroline, she says they're all outside the public library, I find out all means her, Buzz, and Courtney. We agree to meet halfway to my house.

10:15; I sit on a bench next to everybody and explain why I have a stick I quote "You see, a staff is a neat elegant weapon. It's intimidating enough that nobody is gonna straight up jump you, but not so much like an axe in a sense that people won't think you're the murderer here.

10:45; Buzz leaves, obviously bored, we sit and chat and for no reason caroline starts calling random douchebags. I don't remember too much after this

11:30; I leave because I'm cold and hungry, caroline bitches, I have no clue if courtney was still there.

11:45; I get home, piss, and crash hard on my bed.

6:30; My brothers motherfucking alarm goes off in the next room, I get up suprised to find I'm still kinda high, and stomp the alarm then rip the cord out of the wall and throw it.

One hell of a night.


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