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Haha, I'm actually 14.

2009-04-03 01:27:09 by flamingninja777

Yes I know, I've lied about my age for more than 2 years now(Holy fuck its been 2 years!) Truth is when I was 11, I didn't think it would make sense for me to be here without getting flamed like fuck for my age. Now that I'm here and now, I figured it would make sense for the few people who come here every once in a while. I'm sure some people figured out I wasn't 17 a while ago. Not really gonna change, I'm still the same old 17 year old flaming ninja...But now instead of being 17 I'm a mature 14 year old.

Also, if your reading this, I'd appreciate it if you'd listen to my songs, I put a lot of work into them and make them only for the Newgrounds community.


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2009-04-03 02:33:15

Haha, thats funny, because in real life, I'm 43!